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07.11.2003 - 20.12.2003, Karlsruhe

Dani Jakob

Entrer dans la lumière


Dani Jakob’s artistic approach is pictorial, yet exceeds the traditional conception of the medium. Concretely, she extends two-dimensional silk paintings and collages into three-dimensional installations and sculptures. For this purpose contrasting symbol systems are used as ingredients for an alchemistic medley which generates new meanings. High-class and trivial cultural aesthetics are combined with one another in an antihierarchical manner. German Romanticism, esotericism, Hip-Hop, Heavy Metal and Far-Eastern as well as Western genres of cultural history compose the mnemonic vocabulary of the artist.
The title of the exhibition, “Entrer dans la Lumière”, plays with generally esoteric references as well as with the expectations for a first solo exhibition and invites the visitor “to enter”. The ironic, forthright mixture of signs and symbols fragments the viewer‘s perspective into myriad meaningful possibilities, further emphasized by the unusual choice of material. Her paintings, shifting between figurativeness and abstraction, are not painted in the conventional way (layer upon layer of paint is applied to a canvass); instead a mixture of water and pigments literally merges with the material. Ambivalent figures of animals and landscape-like installations made from paper-maché, salt water, sticks, wood, macramé and clay produce an atmospheric density which calls to mind saturnine-romantic impressions of nature. Nothing is coincidental in Dani Jakob’s artfully spun net of allusions, where in spite of confrontation with the subjective perspective of the viewer everything remains open.


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Installation view, Meyer Riegger Galerie, Karlsruhe

Installation view, Meyer Riegger Galerie, Karlsruhe